Our Relationships

Other companies build websites, widgets and tools we build relationships. We know that there are thousands of companies to choose from what differentiates us from the clear one in a thousand choice is our commitment to relationships.  We don’t live in a 9 to 5 world so we don’t run a 9 to 5 business.  Steve Cooper of Forbes Magazine wrote an excellent article on tearing down the walls between private and business and we support his approach.


Here is an excerpt from the article: Why You Should Friend Business Associates On Facebook


Up until recently I have tried to keep my business and personal lives separate. When requests like this were made in the past, I would typically refer them to my LinkedIn profile and inform the person that I keep my Facebook circle very personal while all of my social media exchanges for business take place on LinkedIn and Twitter.

Recently I have had a change of heart (and mind), and I’m tearing down the wall. One of the most cherished aspects of being an entrepreneur is having the ability to make the choices I want to make. For me, that means working with people I like, respect and trust. If I can’t trust a person enough to see what I’m up to on the weekends through Facebook, I’m not sure I want to expand my business relationship with that person either.


Referencing one of my favorite movie’s of all time, The Godfather, which is chock-full of wisdom, I disagree with Michael Corleone when he says to his brother, “It’s not personal, Sonny. It’s strictly business.” To me, there’s nothing more personal than my business. I have spent more hours and sleepless nights trying to grow my business than any other endeavor in my life. I cherish all the relationships the journey of entrepreneurship has provided up to this point; and what makes them great is the quality of people I have chosen to work with.

If I am to lead by example, I have to allow people to see who I really am—and Facebook provides the clearest window into my personal life online. I get to share my major life events with friends, family and business associates and I get to see theirs as well. This passive relationship provides a deeper understanding into who we are and what we’re about. I think this is a tremendous benefit when doing business with a person.